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Resist & Build - Art worlds we want

Why are artists on strike right now? What do we want instead? How are artists using their collective power to resist dominant systems of exploitation and build what we need to support our creative practices with care at the center? Over the course of 10 weeks, will be holding space at CTHQ for “Art Worlds We Want.”

We believe it’s clear that artists need an economy rooted in solidarity if we are to overcome our status as exploited workers. Likewise, the solidarity economy movement needs artists if it is to prevail. We believe that culture—visual arts, music, culinary arts, literature, theater, television, Web content, and more—is the key to sparking the collective imagination of what’s actually possible when there is community control of our economy, culture, and spirits. There have never been radical movements without radical creators at the helm— we need artists to lead us towards reimagining, resisting, and building.

Join in person at CTHQ for collective inquiry, discussion, network building, and practical ways to shift from individualism towards solidarity in your lifestyle and creative practice:

September 30 – Resist & Build: Land & Space in NYC
October 14 – Resist & Build: Visual Arts & Music
November 4 – Resist & Build in Journalism & Media
November 18 – Resist & Build in Fashion

Office Hours with @ Creative Time (CTHQ) – weekly, Tuesdays from 11am – 3pm, beginning on October 17th until December 5th

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