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Parallel Walk with GrowHouse

3:30 pm–5:00 pm

Shanna Sabio, co-founder and co-director of GrowHouse NYC, will lead a walk centered around Sankofa, a philosophical principle from the Akan people which means “go back and fetch it”.  When contemplated deeply, it is an Afrofuturist principle which bends time and space to recover and reclaim lost histories, suppressed lessons, and infinite future possibilities. How do we broaden the realm of possibilities beyond what has been done before?


During a time of displacement, the rolling back of affirmative action, book bans and the demonization of Critical Race Theory, it’s of the utmost importance to reclaim Black and Indigenous stories and histories. This walk will bend time and space, asking participants to engage empathy, imagination, and their senses to breathe life into history as a future visioning tool.


RSVP is required and space is limited.


Meeting Spot: Milk & Pull, 348 Malcolm X Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11233


Transit: Meeting spot is closest to the Utica Ave subway station on the A, C line


Dress: Please wear comfortable shoes for walking, and warm clothing.


Bring: Water, a snack, and a jacket


About Shanna Sabio

Shanna Sabio is an anti-disciplinary artist, curator, cultural strategist, public historian, and educator whose practice uses the intersections of art and technology, travel and urban planning to invite Black people and our allies to envision and create flourishing and connected communities. As co-founder and co-director of GrowHouse NYC, she has designed project-based, travel-focused curricula and experiences that connect Black people across ages, disciplines and locations such as the United States, Latin America, Europe, and West Africa. Her most recent work, the Sankofa Walking Tour for the Flatbush African Burial Ground, has been experienced by over 1000 people thus far. Shanna has over 15 years education and instructional design experience working for large corporations and small businesses alike, and is a Laundromat Project 2023 Create Change Artist-in-Residence.  She has also graduated from LIFT Economy’s Next Economy MBA program, Creative Reaction Lab’s inaugural REFRESH Cohort, Weeksville Heritage Society’s Freedom Fellowship, and the NEW Museum’s incubator NEW INC. at the Institute for Electronic Arts in 2021. She was a CultureHub Resident, Wave Hill Winter Workspace artist, Recess Session artist for 2021-22, and in the LMCC Workspace program for 2022-23. Caroline is an MFA in Fine Arts graduate from Parsons The New School of Art, Media, and Technology.


This walk will be part a day of networking, community building and fun to support the Greener Bed Stuy Initiative: their addition and care of trees, flowers and plants have helped turn the neighborhood landscape into a place neighbors take more pride in. Local residents are receiving the benefits of nature, building valuable job skills and delivering an impactful service to the area, improving our collective quality of life. Click here to see the full schedule for the day and learn more about the Greener Bed Stuy initiative.


About Parallel Walks

Parallel Walks is a series of artist-led walks that take place in two locations, connected through a shared political, social, contextual, or geographic theme. This walk is parallel with a walk led by Cara Michell in partnership with Anna Matip and Association Amicale Franco-Camerounaise de Saint-Denis in Saint Denis, France on Saturday, November 4th.