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Reading, Writing & Compiling Zines Mini Zine Fair, with School for Poetic Computation

1:30 pm–4:00 pm

Join the participants of the Reading, Writing & Compiling Zines class at the School for Poetic Computation for a Mini Zine Fair and presentations to showcase the work created by the class, which has been meeting this semester at CTHQ.



Alex Beige

Ariana Faye Allensworth

Danialie Fertile

Ender Minyard

Jahyeon Kwon

Mamou François

Mariam Bazeed

Maya Wagoner

Michelle Turgeon

Nico Perey

Okiki Famutimi

Priya Dadlani

sadé powell

Shelly Xiong

Tiané Goines

Wairimu Muriithi

Yuxi Liu


Neta Bomani

Aliyah Blackmore

Showcase flyer by K.L. Ricks @kl_ricks


About Reading, Writing & Compiling Zines:

Reading, Writing & Compiling Zines is a class to learn about the historical ways of reading, writing, compiling, and learning, both with and without computers. Students explore various forms of printed and digital matter such as zines and posters, and how they are published as mediums for creative and political expression. Read more at: sfpc.study/sessions/fall-23/rwc-zines