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Tattoo Session with Mariquitx

12:00 pm–5:00 pm

Following their creative process, during a series of short tattoo sessions on February 15 and 22, Mariquitx will be offering small tattoos inspired by the concept and practice of collective care. Participants will have the possibility of picking from the artist’s sheet of designs, or requesting in advance their own small simple design, with a limit of 2″x2″ size. All the tattoos will be hand-poked and done with vegan black ink, and RSVP is required.


For Mariquitx, the tattooing process is a ritual and a non-hierarchical collaboration in which the skin becomes a connector, trust and safety are traded and vulnerability becomes a shared language. Their work as a tattoo artist is dedicated to providing a safe, enjoyable, and accessible tattoo experience, opening space for trauma-informed communication, and making sure each individual feels comfortable and cared for throughout the session.


About the tattoo session

  • One single tattoo will be offered for arms or legs, hand-poked, and done with vegan black ink in a size no larger than 2″ x 2″.
  • The session will last 20 minutes, please arrive on time.
  • The artist will share in advance a selection of designs to choose from.
  • If you wish to request your own design, please send an image of the design no later than February 13th to the artist at alienqueertattoo@gmail.com. They will respond to let you know if it will be possible to use your proposed design.