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Thu 05.23.2024 Twerk As a Tool for Personal Liberation
Thu 05.23.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 05.21.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 05.21.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop: Community Centric Fundraising
Thu 05.16.2024 Re-Rooting Our Relationship to Help: Reiki to Invite Care into our Lives
Thu 05.16.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 05.15.2024 So close to human
Tue 05.14.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 05.14.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop: Money Moving Coalitions
Thu 05.09.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 05.08.2024 The Metaphysics of Self-Immolation
Tue 05.07.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 05.07.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Thu 05.02.2024 CTHQ Closed on May 2
Wed 05.01.2024 May Day: CETA
Tue 04.30.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 04.30.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Thu 04.25.2024 Inner Harmony: Discovering Your Healing Power through Tai Chi, Qigong
Thu 04.25.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 04.24.2024 Mixed Media Mixtape: YouTube Spiral
Tue 04.23.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Fri 04.19.2024 Parallel Walk: Advancing by turning and turning
Thu 04.18.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 04.17.2024 Jungle whispers and forest echoes.
Wed 04.17.2024 Demo RSVP Event
Tue 04.16.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Tue 04.16.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 04.11.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 04.10.2024 Rinse
Tue 04.09.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 04.09.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Thu 04.04.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 04.03.2024 Listening Room: Night Time Drop-In Hours at CTHQ
Tue 04.02.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 04.02.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Thu 03.28.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 03.27.2024 Mixed Media Mixtape with Umber Majeed
Tue 03.26.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 03.26.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Tue 03.26.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Thu 03.21.2024 *Virtual* Unpacking Stress with Meditation with Dr. D
Thu 03.21.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 03.20.2024 WE REMIND YOU: An evening on HIV & Palestine
Tue 03.19.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Tue 03.19.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 03.14.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 03.13.2024 The Fight to End the 24-hour Workday: Screening of For Whom the Alarm Sounds
Tue 03.12.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 03.07.2024 *Virtual* Spiritual Journey Into Nature, A Guided Meditation with Nature-based coach Raynelle Rino
Thu 03.07.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 03.06.2024 Shroomscape Game Night with LES Ecology Center & The Interbeing Project
Tue 03.05.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 03.05.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Wed 02.28.2024 Food Mahjong Club
Tue 02.27.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Thu 02.22.2024 Tattoo Session with Mariquitx
Wed 02.21.2024 Tattoo Workshop with Mariquitx
Tue 02.20.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Thu 02.15.2024 Tattoo Session with Mariquitx
Wed 02.14.2024 Love Letters for Solidarity
Tue 02.13.2024 CTHQ Closed Tuesday, February 13th

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Twerk As a Tool for Personal Liberation

1:00 pm–3:00 pm

With Savannah Schmidt, Chief Twerk Whisperer

In this interactive discussion and demonstration session, Savannah will guide participants through the use of Twerk as a Spiritual Liberation Practice. Topics discussed will include the somatics of shaking, Twerk as Ancestor work, appropriation vs. appreciation, and decolonizing your dance practice. Of course we will also be twerking in this session! After the opening discussion, Savannah will help you safely #throwthatassinahealingcircle by guiding you through hip stretches and conditioning exercises before teaching the basics of Twerk from how to stand to classic moves. Some choreography will be taught but there will be ample chances for improvisation and free dancing. Mimicking choreography is not the point. Let this session be an invitation to explore what a personal Twerk practice can be.


This experience is open to all levels of Twerk Enthusiast and all gender expressions. This work is deeply personal and you are not expected to perform. Wear comfortable clothing that allows your body to move freely. You want that booty to shake! No- or low- compression activewear is recommended as are layers. Water, towel, and a yoga mat are also advised.


Key Workshop Takeaways

  • A broader understanding of Twerk as a dance form
  • The somatics and energetics of Twerk as a way to move energy in the body
  • Appreciation for the cultural impact of the African Diaspora on American culture – pop & political


Before: Prepare to Succeed 

  • Bring water, a yoga mat, and a towel.
  • Dress in loose, non-constrictive clothing. You will also want to dress in layers since you will be seated for approx. 30 min during the beginning of the session for the discussion.


About Savannah Schmidt

Hi! I’m Savannah, a guide to a more fulfilled life through throwin’ that ass in a healing circle!

I am the Chief Twerk Whisperer at Throw That Ass Healing Studio and I assist folx in connecting with the power of creativity and desire through connecting to the wisdom of their bodies. Using a combination of somatic, spiritual, and energetic practices I assist folx with tapping into ancestral guidance. As someone who resides at the intersection of multiple marginalized identities, I recognize that the fight for our collective freedom includes freeing ourselves from internalized violence. 

My practice is centered in consent, trauma informed care, and compassion. I uplift and celebrate the experiences of the PGM (People of the Global Majority), LGBTQIA+ folx, and Femme identified folx. 

Certified Twerk Technician

Usui & Karuna Reiki Mxtress

Intuitive Channel

Energy Worker