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Thu 04.18.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 04.17.2024 Jungle whispers and forest echoes.
Wed 04.17.2024 Demo RSVP Event
Tue 04.16.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 04.16.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Thu 04.11.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 04.10.2024 Rinse
Tue 04.09.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 04.09.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Thu 04.04.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 04.03.2024 Listening Room: Night Time Drop-In Hours at CTHQ
Tue 04.02.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Tue 04.02.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 03.28.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 03.27.2024 Mixed Media Mixtape with Umber Majeed
Tue 03.26.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Tue 03.26.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Tue 03.26.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 03.21.2024 *Virtual* Unpacking Stress with Meditation with Dr. D
Thu 03.21.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 03.20.2024 WE REMIND YOU: An evening on HIV & Palestine
Tue 03.19.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Tue 03.19.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 03.14.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 03.13.2024 The Fight to End the 24-hour Workday: Screening of For Whom the Alarm Sounds
Tue 03.12.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 03.07.2024 *Virtual* Spiritual Journey Into Nature, A Guided Meditation with Nature-based coach Raynelle Rino
Thu 03.07.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 03.06.2024 Shroomscape Game Night with LES Ecology Center & The Interbeing Project
Tue 03.05.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 03.05.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Wed 02.28.2024 Food Mahjong Club
Tue 02.27.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Thu 02.22.2024 Tattoo Session with Mariquitx
Wed 02.21.2024 Tattoo Workshop with Mariquitx
Tue 02.20.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Thu 02.15.2024 Tattoo Session with Mariquitx
Wed 02.14.2024 Love Letters for Solidarity
Tue 02.13.2024 CTHQ Closed Tuesday, February 13th

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Shroomscape Game Night with LES Ecology Center & The Interbeing Project

6:00 pm–8:00 pm

Calling all fungi fans! Join us for a spore-tacular evening, presented by LES Ecology Center, of playtesting Shroomscape, a mycelium mindset game designed by the Interbeing Project.


All are welcome but registration is required.


In Shroomscape, you play as one of four mushroom characters, with specific strengths and weaknesses. Experience the entire mushroom lifecycle as you grow towards Resource Pieces in unique geometric patterns, collect Resource Tokens, sprout Fruiting Bodies, and release Spores! As you connect, collaborate, and compete with fellow mycelium, your networks will form a unique Shroomscape, lush with fruiting bodies and spores that tell the story of the biggest adventure of all: entangled life itself.


The Interbeing Project
The Interbeing Project is an immersive, emotional, and playful examination of the interdependent nature of human and non-human life, through a series of sensory entanglements. These entanglements have taken the form of participatory walks, meditations facilitated by AI, rituals, and very importantly, Shroomscape–the mycelium-mindset board game!


LES Ecology Center

The Lower East Side Ecology Center (Ecology Center) has been pioneering community-based models in urban sustainability since 1987. We provide unique e-waste and composting services, environmental stewardship opportunities, and educational programming to all New Yorkers who want to learn about environmental issues and take responsibility for creating solutions through action. Learn more at www.lesecologycenter.org.