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Tue 07.16.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Tue 07.16.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 07.11.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 07.10.2024 Natal Dimension with Jazsalyn
Tue 07.09.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 07.09.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Tue 07.02.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 06.27.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 06.26.2024 Whose University? a public lecture with Anuradha Vikram
Tue 06.25.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop: Worker Ownership
Tue 06.25.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 06.20.2024 CTHQ Closed on June 20
Wed 06.19.2024 Community care, self care: an introductory workshop to Black feminist literature through meditative nail polishing
Tue 06.18.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Tue 06.18.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 06.13.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 06.12.2024 Culture Push Zine Day
Tue 06.11.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 06.11.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop: Governing Solidarity
Thu 06.06.2024 Reiki Circle to Call In Balance
Thu 06.06.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 06.05.2024 Flowers For Freedom
Tue 06.04.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Tue 06.04.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 05.30.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 05.29.2024 Seed Freedom: Economy of Care
Tue 05.28.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 05.28.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop: Grantwriting 101
Thu 05.23.2024 Twerk As a Tool for Personal Liberation
Thu 05.23.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 05.21.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 05.21.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop: Community Centric Fundraising
Thu 05.16.2024 Re-Rooting Our Relationship to Help: Reiki to Invite Care into our Lives
Thu 05.16.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 05.15.2024 So close to human
Tue 05.14.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 05.14.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop: Money Moving Coalitions
Thu 05.09.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 05.08.2024 The Metaphysics of Self-Immolation
Tue 05.07.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Tue 05.07.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 05.02.2024 CTHQ Closed on May 2
Wed 05.01.2024 May Day: CETA
Tue 04.30.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Tue 04.30.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 04.25.2024 Inner Harmony: Discovering Your Healing Power through Tai Chi, Qigong
Thu 04.25.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 04.24.2024 Mixed Media Mixtape: YouTube Spiral
Tue 04.23.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Fri 04.19.2024 Parallel Walk: Advancing by turning and turning
Thu 04.18.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 04.17.2024 Jungle whispers and forest echoes.
Wed 04.17.2024 Demo RSVP Event
Tue 04.16.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Tue 04.16.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 04.11.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 04.10.2024 Rinse
Tue 04.09.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Tue 04.09.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 04.04.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 04.03.2024 Listening Room: Night Time Drop-In Hours at CTHQ
Tue 04.02.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Tue 04.02.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 03.28.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 03.27.2024 Mixed Media Mixtape with Umber Majeed
Tue 03.26.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Tue 03.26.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 03.26.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Thu 03.21.2024 *Virtual* Unpacking Stress with Meditation with Dr. D
Thu 03.21.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 03.20.2024 WE REMIND YOU: An evening on HIV & Palestine
Tue 03.19.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 03.19.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Thu 03.14.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 03.13.2024 The Fight to End the 24-hour Workday: Screening of For Whom the Alarm Sounds
Tue 03.12.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 03.07.2024 *Virtual* Spiritual Journey Into Nature, A Guided Meditation with Nature-based coach Raynelle Rino
Thu 03.07.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 03.06.2024 Shroomscape Game Night with LES Ecology Center & The Interbeing Project
Tue 03.05.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 03.05.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Wed 02.28.2024 Food Mahjong Club
Tue 02.27.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Thu 02.22.2024 Tattoo Session with Mariquitx
Wed 02.21.2024 Tattoo Workshop with Mariquitx
Tue 02.20.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Thu 02.15.2024 Tattoo Session with Mariquitx
Wed 02.14.2024 Love Letters for Solidarity
Tue 02.13.2024 CTHQ Closed Tuesday, February 13th

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WE REMIND YOU: An evening on HIV & Palestine

6:00 pm–8:00 pm

HIV and Palestine, two crises, connected. Join members of What Would an HIV Doula Do? for an evening of presentations, performances, and small group discussions. Through the lens of public health, activism, cultural production and more, we will explore the influence, impact and relationship between the HIV response and the fight for Palestinian futures. 


Please note: Masks are required for the entire duration of this event, and masks will be available to all guests at CTHQ. If you are feeling sick or have tested positive for Covid-19, we ask that you please refrain from participating in CTHQ programs in order to care for fellow community members.


What Would an HIV Doula Do? (WWHIVDD) is a community of people joined in response to the ongoing AIDS crisis. We understand a doula as someone who holds space during times of transition. We understand HIV as a series of transitions that begin long before being tested, that continue after treatment and beyond. We know that since no one gets HIV alone, no one should have to live with HIV alone. We doula ourselves, each other, institutions and culture. Foundational to our process is asking questions. www.hivdoula.work


Salonee Bhaman is an interdisciplinary scholar, researcher, and teacher who lives in Brooklyn. Her work explores the linked histories of social provision, HIV/AIDS activism, and the politics of care, migration, and disability. She is a leader of the Asian American Feminist Collective and public historian of queer history through the Close Friends Collective. You can get in touch at www.saloneebhaman.com


Noah Crandell is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary theater maker and performer from Minneapolis. His work explores the body’s relationship with time and violence. Noah likes exploring memories, lies, repetition, sound, images, and wigs. His solo show memory boys premiered at Dixon Place in 2017. He was accepted into the International Director’s Symposium with La MaMa in Spoleto, Italy in 2018, working alongside The Talking Band and Stefanie Batten Bland. On screen, Noah has performed in the short film Toe Tag with David Pittu as well as episodes of Law & Order and Poker Face. Noah’s most recent work, My Name Is Jennifer, an 18-hour endurance theater-installation, premiered February 2023 at TheaterLab. Noah holds a BFA in Acting from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. He is a current student in the Performance & Interactive Media Arts MFA program at Brooklyn College. @noahcrandell


Cea (Constantine Jones) is an interdisciplinary Greek-American thingmaker raised in Tennessee and housed in Brooklyn. They are the author of a novel, IN STILL ROOMS (Operating System 2020) and a collaborative chapbook with Portuguese visual artist Vicente Sampaio, BALEEN: A POEM IN TWELVE DAYS (Ursus Americanus 2022). They live at the corner of stories and noise. @storiesandnoise (IG/Twitter), storiesandnoise.com


Theodore (ted) Kerr is a Brooklyn based writer and organizer. He is the co-author of We Are Having This Conversation Now: The Times of AIDS Cultural Production (Duke University Press, 2022), with Alexandra Juhasz. He is a founding member of WWHIVDD. www.tedkerr.club


Mathew Rodriguez is a Brooklyn-based award-winning Latinx writer, editor and essayist whose memoir, Tough Guy, about his life with his HIV-positive father, is forthcoming from Abrams Books. He is also the author of a forthcoming graphic novel and has been published by The Nation, The Village Voice, POZ, The Body and more. Follow him on Twitter (not X) at @mathewrodriguez.


Izat El Amoor is an assistant professor of Sociology at Hendrix College, Arkansas. Prior, he received his PhD in the Sociology of Education in the Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities Department at New York University. He specializes in LGBTQ issues in Palestine with a focus on education, family life, and the Palestinian Queer Movement. He also studies LGBTQ life in the Middle East and North Africa with a focus on political and cultural factors of LGBTQ change since the Arab uprisings erupted in 2011. @izzatela


Dan Schapiro is an HIV+ Ashkenazi writer, artist and access doula who theorizes through and about Madness, virality, and pop music. He has given talks and readings on poetics, disability, and the arts at the Whitney Museum, Flow Chart Foundation, ONE Archives Foundation, and elsewhere. He is the author of HOLEPLAY (Nueoi, 2020). @waterkeeps