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Thu 04.18.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 04.17.2024 Jungle whispers and forest echoes.
Wed 04.17.2024 Demo RSVP Event
Tue 04.16.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 04.16.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Thu 04.11.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 04.10.2024 Rinse
Tue 04.09.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 04.09.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Thu 04.04.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 04.03.2024 Listening Room: Night Time Drop-In Hours at CTHQ
Tue 04.02.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Tue 04.02.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 03.28.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 03.27.2024 Mixed Media Mixtape with Umber Majeed
Tue 03.26.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Tue 03.26.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Tue 03.26.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 03.21.2024 *Virtual* Unpacking Stress with Meditation with Dr. D
Thu 03.21.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 03.20.2024 WE REMIND YOU: An evening on HIV & Palestine
Tue 03.19.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Tue 03.19.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 03.14.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 03.13.2024 The Fight to End the 24-hour Workday: Screening of For Whom the Alarm Sounds
Tue 03.12.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Thu 03.07.2024 *Virtual* Spiritual Journey Into Nature, A Guided Meditation with Nature-based coach Raynelle Rino
Thu 03.07.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Wed 03.06.2024 Shroomscape Game Night with LES Ecology Center & The Interbeing Project
Tue 03.05.2024 CTHQ Open Hours
Tue 03.05.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Wed 02.28.2024 Food Mahjong Club
Tue 02.27.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Thu 02.22.2024 Tattoo Session with Mariquitx
Wed 02.21.2024 Tattoo Workshop with Mariquitx
Tue 02.20.2024 Office Hours with Art.coop
Thu 02.15.2024 Tattoo Session with Mariquitx
Wed 02.14.2024 Love Letters for Solidarity
Tue 02.13.2024 CTHQ Closed Tuesday, February 13th

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The Fight to End the 24-hour Workday: Screening of For Whom the Alarm Sounds

6:00 pm–8:00 pm

Amid the rise of anti-Asian violence, Chinese home attendants in New York City expose a home care agency that claims to “stop Asian hate,” yet forces them to work grueling 24-hour workdays that damage their health and families. Documenting the home attendants’ organizing to end the 24-hour workdays, this film challenges the common understanding of racist violence, and puts in spotlight those who maintain systemic racism under progressive-sounding banners.


This program is organized in collaboration with the Ain’t I A Woman Campaign and Art Against Displacement. Follow the Ain’t I A Woman Campaign on social media for updates on the fight to end the 24-hour workday: @aiwcampaign


Zishun Ning is a filmmaker and community organizer. His documentaries expose the racism and super-exploitation immigrant workers face, and depict workers’ resilience and determination as they organize to fight back. His works have been shown in major social justice and Asian American film festivals. His most recent film, For Whom the Alarm Sounds, won the Audience Award at the DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival.


The Ain’t I A Woman?! Campaign is a national outreach and educational effort led by women workers to demand that those benefiting the most from sweatshop labor are held accountable–whether we work in garment factories, home healthcare, or offices. The AIW Campaign is sponsored by Chinese Staff & Workers’ Association and National Mobilization Against SweatShops, and has provided leadership to women workers in the fight against sweatshop conditions and for control of our lives.


Based in Manhattan’s Chinatown and Lower East Side on unceded Lenape land, Art Against Displacement (AAD) is a collective of artists and cultural workers that seeks to amplify the demands of those whose livelihoods are threatened by predatory development, and to work in solidarity with grassroots organizations toward community-led rezoning. Gentrification is not an inevitable result of urban development; we reject the instrumentalization of cultural workers towards the displacement of long-term residents and businesses.



Zishun Ning’s project is supported by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and NYS Council on the Arts.